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PBC News & Comment: Hillary Takes Fire from GOP Opportunists

Secretary of State Clinton, taking heat for Benghazi, faces grilling from Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul--says he would've fired her

As Clinton defends against posturing Republicans, there is no review of US role in overthrowing Qaddafi and the blowback produced

--Clinton will likely approve the Keystone XL pipeline, with a revised route just OK'd by Nebraska governor

--House approves 90-day debt ceiling raise, with no dollar limit; adds threat of "n budget, no pay"

--GAO cannot complete audit of federal government, as the books of Defense and Homeland Security are a mess

--Panetta approves women in combat, a major change

--Slippery Republicans in state senate of Virginia imitate Tom DeLay, ram through partisan redistricting plan while one Dem senator was at the inauguration

--just-released transcripts from 2007 Federal Reserve meetings show they were unconcerned about the impending meltdown, and Geithner is exposed as tool of Bank of America

--European Union allows member states to pass tax on financial transactions, good idea for US

--Netanyahu's poor showing in Israeli election forces him to form new government with moderates led by former journalist

--release of records from 1980's show illegal coverup of pedophile priests by retired archbishop of Los Angeles

--Vatican forces Maryknoll order to expel Fr. Roy Bourgeois