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PBC News & Comment: Obama Opens New Front in Africa

White House announces deployment of 100 troops to Niger,  to set up drone base to monitor French war in MaliUS military footprint expands, PBC asks “why?”

–excerpt from our interview with author Miko Peled, as he flips the question to “how can you support Israel?”

–Iran nuke report that alarms Israel actually says a possible nuclear weapon is farther in the future

–lots of irony in report about Gen. Allen’s farewell speech

–Florida’s Rick Scott is latest GOP governor to contradict himself and accept Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion

–case collapses against 5 former Blackwater employees for illegal weapons, they say it was OK’d by CIA

–still seeking paternity for the Beltway’s bastard, sequestration, NY Times op-ed twins Brooks and Krugman each have amusing takes

–John Kiriakou gets ritzy send-off to prison at hotel near White House