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PBC News & Comment: We’ve found “Sequestration’s” Deadbeat Dad!

As auto-trigger spending cuts loom this week, the father of this bastard idea has been ID’d: Jack Lew, Obama’s new Treasury Secretary….key question is: who will get blame for pulling the trigger?

We play a clip from the Greta van Facelift show on Fox “News” where Obama denies what his press secretary admits and Republican leaders pile on the blame

–CIA flick Argo wins Best Film, announced by Michele Obama, who wished it had been the other CIA movie, Zero Dark 30, which is taken down by former FBI agent Ali Soufan in Sunday’s NY Times

–thousands marched in support of Bradley Manning Saturday, his 1,000th day in jail without trial

–Vatican scandals fester as Brit Cardinal resigns over reports of sex with priests in 1980’s, Los Angeles’ shamed Cardinal Mahony will vote for new pope, and the “secret” report to the current pope on gay sex and blackmail scandal in Vatican; oh, there’s a banking scandal, too

–Karzai kicks US special forces out of Wardek province as Panetta wrestles with Germans about troop levels in Aghanistan after 2014

–Iran takes tough posture as talks start Tuesday in Kazakhstan over its nuke-u-lar intentions

–big US banks facilitate collections of payday loans from the poorest, most desperate borrowers, and profit

–as we reported last week, the Obama administration is #1 in deportations, and an ICE administrator who led the sweep to fill corporate-run prisons now works for them

–rich pro athletes soak California worker’s comp for injuries sustained while working for teams from other states