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PBC News & Comment: No Frankenfish at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s

Two major national food retailers say NO to genetically engineered salmon, and Whole Foods requires GMO labeling by 2018…..Paul Ryan’s Frankenstein budget passes the House, more fiscal food fights loom

–Obama gives interesting speech in Israel, trying to re-frame the conflict.  PBC is dubious, but notes nothing else is working

–Gitmo hunger strike continues, as official count creeps up–still far below the 100+ reported by lawyers for prisoners

Daily Beast reports that CIA’s drone program will be transferred to the Pentagon

–South Korea sustains major cyber attack, and most fingers point to North Korea

–California needs $80 million to finish earthquake warning system–any billionaires listening?

–former council members in Bell (Los Angeles County) are convicted for looting the town treasury

–ACLU challenges legality of police searching cell phone of arrested person without warrant