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PBC News & Comment: Arkansas Deals With Nuke Incident, Tar Sands Spewing from Pipeline

Exxon pipeline leak spews thousands of gallons of tar sands crude oil, followed by deadly incident at nuclear power plant……as scientists confirm that fracking caused 2011 Oklahoma earthquake that registered 5.7 on Richter scale

Spooks in the News:

–American detained at Dulles Airport admits he fought in Syria with the rebels, and fired RPG; his dad says he reported to the CIA

–CIA refuses to name the new interim director of clandestine service, first woman in the job; she is linked to destruction of torture video tapes

–Steve Coll in The New Yorker adds details to Kiriakou story

–story circulating about CIA double agent busting up underwear bombing scheme is almost a year old, but still important

other news:

–CBS is doing a story on Shaker Aamer, the British citizen who remains uncharged, but imprisoned, after 11 years at Guantanamo

–David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer winner and former reporter for NY Times, says our annual incomes have increased only $59 in the past decades

–Reagan’s former budget director, David Stockman, makes many good points in op-ed in Sunday Times

–lead editorial in Sunday NY Times gets it right about the phony notion that Social Security must be cut to reduce the deficit