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PBC News & Comment: Jon Stewart Provokes US-Egypt Twitter Battle

Fake news anchor Jon Stewart defends fake news anchor Bassem Youssef, sparking Twitter fight between Egypt’s president and US embassy……Morsi needs satire management counseling!

–Taliban attack kills at least 44 in western Afghanistan

–USS John McCain deployed near North Korea; PBC podcast listener Jeff Mai in Australia provides this link to Alabama blogger who asks: who’s being provocative?

–NRA counterattacks, proposing armed guards in every school in US

–Obama goes to Colorado to stump for weak gun legislation, then

–parachutes into San Francisco for fundraisers, facing inside pressure on Keystone pipeline from major donor and outside pressure from protesters

–on Tuesday, Obama proposed $100 million Brain Initiative to research the human CPU

–as brainless legislators in North Carolina defy the constitution and claim they can declare an official religion

–former South Carolina Gov. Rick Sanford’s public brain farts over his love affair don’t deter him from winning primary for special election to Congress

–Monsignor Meth pleads guilty in Connecticutt