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PBC News & Comment: Jon Stewart Provokes US-Egypt Twitter Battle

Fake news anchor Jon Stewart defends fake news anchor Bassem Youssef, sparking Twitter fight between Egypt's president and US embassy......Morsi needs satire management counseling!

--Taliban attack kills at least 44 in western Afghanistan

--USS John McCain deployed near North Korea; PBC podcast listener Jeff Mai in Australia provides this link to Alabama blogger who asks: who's being provocative?

--NRA counterattacks, proposing armed guards in every school in US

--Obama goes to Colorado to stump for weak gun legislation, then

--parachutes into San Francisco for fundraisers, facing inside pressure on Keystone pipeline from major donor and outside pressure from protesters

--on Tuesday, Obama proposed $100 million Brain Initiative to research the human CPU

--as brainless legislators in North Carolina defy the constitution and claim they can declare an official religion

--former South Carolina Gov. Rick Sanford's public brain farts over his love affair don't deter him from winning primary for special election to Congress

--Monsignor Meth pleads guilty in Connecticutt