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PBC News & Comment: Texas Sky Was on Fire from Blast at Fertilizer Plant

Incomplete reports of 35 or more fatalities at West, Texas plant that hadn’t been inspected by OSHA in past 10 years…as President Obama consoles Boston over Monday’s bombing and Senate Dems bear responsibilty for blocking new gun laws.

–Chris Hayes on MSNBC makes good point about reactions to “terrorism” events like Boston with 3 fatalities, compared to gun violence that kills 30,000 Americans yearly

–at TomDispatch, Erika Eichelberger breaks down the numbers on violence in AMerica, which mostly happens at home

–hear two excerpts from our special 2-part podcast series on the NSA 4, as Tom Drake talks about our loss of constitutional rights, and agency turf battles that compromised critical operations

–military judge delays KSM trial at Guantanamo amid charges that 500,000 emails from prisoners to their lawyers were intercepted by the military

–in our continuing coverage of the rogue utility P G & E, two legislators in Sacramento yesterday hammered the public utilities commission

–Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco hears case challenging law against efforts to “cure” minors of disapproved sexual orientation