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PBC News & Comment: NSA Chief Alexander Spins to Congressional Lovefest

Spy chief offers unverifiable anecdotes of busted terrorist plots to distract from illegal, unconstitutional domestic surveillance–pants on fire?….Mel Goodman comments on runaway spy machinery, passive acceptance by citizens.

–Google challenges NSA to permit release of more info on user data shared with the government–pure posturing?

–Obama tells Charlie Rose that domestic spying is “transparent”

–prolific letter-to-editor scribe Marc Perkel has 21 questions for the NSA, and some are very important

–Syria war divides G-8 summit in Northern Ireland, we recap hacked email from January of this year, which revealed a plan to plant chemical weapons in Syria to blame on Assad government

–Pentagon finally releases list of the 46 Guantanamo prisoners who will be held indefinitely without trial

–Jason Leopold reveals that dangerous drug is being included with force-feeding of Gitmo inmates

–at confirmation hearing, FCC nominee Tom Wheeler brags about his role in undermining FCC regulation of cable and wireless phone industries, offers phony vision of competition in duopolist markets

–Bill Ayers, maligned as a pro-Obama “terrorist” by Fox and the right, calls for war crimes charges against Obama