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PBC News & Comment: NSA Chief Alexander Spins to Congressional Lovefest

Spy chief offers unverifiable anecdotes of busted terrorist plots to distract from illegal, unconstitutional domestic surveillance--pants on fire?....Mel Goodman comments on runaway spy machinery, passive acceptance by citizens.

--Google challenges NSA to permit release of more info on user data shared with the government--pure posturing?

--Obama tells Charlie Rose that domestic spying is "transparent"

--prolific letter-to-editor scribe Marc Perkel has 21 questions for the NSA, and some are very important

--Syria war divides G-8 summit in Northern Ireland, we recap hacked email from January of this year, which revealed a plan to plant chemical weapons in Syria to blame on Assad government

--Pentagon finally releases list of the 46 Guantanamo prisoners who will be held indefinitely without trial

--Jason Leopold reveals that dangerous drug is being included with force-feeding of Gitmo inmates

--at confirmation hearing, FCC nominee Tom Wheeler brags about his role in undermining FCC regulation of cable and wireless phone industries, offers phony vision of competition in duopolist markets

--Bill Ayers, maligned as a pro-Obama "terrorist" by Fox and the right, calls for war crimes charges against Obama