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PBC News & Comment: Bombshell NSA Revelations from Russell Tice

NSA whistleblower Russell Tice names big names: in 2004, he saw direct evidence of NSA targeting Obama, Feinstein, Durbin, Alito….In exclusive Boiling Frogs interview released today, Tice unloads big news.

Russell Tice was one of the first NSA whistleblowers, and for the first time he describes the “abuse” that he witnessed:  in 2004, he was privy to the targeting of scores of important people for domestic surveillance: Barack Obama (then a Senate candidate), Sens. Feinstein, Durbin, Hatch and others, Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito and many more.

We bring you 3 key soundbites from Tice here, be sure to listen to the full interview.

–German leader Merkel hits Obama over spying on German communications

–FBI Director Mueller admits they use drones in the US, INY Times forgets to mention this in their story, we get it from the UK’s Guardian

–FBI has killed 70 people and shot 80 others, but not a single agent was found to be at fault, even in a case when it paid $1.3 million to a victim

–FBI’s Mueller repeats talking points that surveillance busted terror plots, adds details that show a trivial case from San Diego

–Sen. Rand Paul is first in the Senate to state the obvious:  James Clapper lied under oath in March testimony

–new documentary supports the “conspiracy theory” that TWA flight 800 was downed by a missile or other explosives, new investigation is demanded

–Obama will roll out new plans to fight global warming