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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act, Invites More Voter Suppression

Activist, radical GOP-appointed justices hammer Voting Rights Act, opening floodgates for aggressive voter suppression actions for 2014...Obama's climate change speech could sacrifice his EPA nominee

--and he teases Keystone XL opponents while embracing fracking and nuclear power; we quote comments from Steve Horn at DeSmogBlog

--Ed Snowden still stuck at Moscow airport, after false report he had gone to Iceland

--in this excerpt from our interview at Netroots, Rep. Keith Ellison comments on revelations of Russ Tice

--GOP Senators use $39 billion "border surge" to sell immigration reform to far right

--IRS targeted left and right groups, controversy is evaporating

--Oakland pays settlement to protesters of Oscar Grant killing at BART station, new film "Fruitvale" tells the Grant story

--Jon Corzine, previous owner of NJ senate seat and governorship, faces civil suit over missing $1 billion from MF Global

--Taliban claims responsibility for killing 10 hikers in Pakistan, blowback from US drone strikes