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PBC News & Comment: Snowden Seeks Temporary Asylum in Russia

Snowden is a man without a country, and a passport; he agrees to Putin restrictions for staying in Russia, temporarily…..ObamaCo still muscling Russia and other countries.

–in excerpt from our interview recapping Manning trial, Kevin Gozstola talks about the “collateral murder video”

–Holder unveils new rules to “protect” journalists, but loopholes render them useless

–Sen. Wyden is hopeful that Obama will end mass collection of phone records

–Bay Area progressives will protest Pelosi fundraiser over her support for surveillance

–more details on the court ruling banning genital searches at Gitmo

–Harry Reid threatens, in his wimpy way, to change filibuster rules

–we recap the new info on the airliner crash at SFO last weekend

–California Public Utilty Commission scraps bad proposal for punishing PG & E for deadly gas pipeline explosion

–possible quick fix for Bay Bridge’s faulty bolts, but there is no fix for the loss of public confidence

–Janet Napolitano resigns as DHS Secretary to run University of California