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PBC News & Comment: Snowden Seeks Temporary Asylum in Russia

Snowden is a man without a country, and a passport; he agrees to Putin restrictions for staying in Russia, temporarily.....ObamaCo still muscling Russia and other countries.

--in excerpt from our interview recapping Manning trial, Kevin Gozstola talks about the "collateral murder video"

--Holder unveils new rules to "protect" journalists, but loopholes render them useless

--Sen. Wyden is hopeful that Obama will end mass collection of phone records

--Bay Area progressives will protest Pelosi fundraiser over her support for surveillance

--more details on the court ruling banning genital searches at Gitmo

--Harry Reid threatens, in his wimpy way, to change filibuster rules

--we recap the new info on the airliner crash at SFO last weekend

--California Public Utilty Commission scraps bad proposal for punishing PG & E for deadly gas pipeline explosion

--possible quick fix for Bay Bridge's faulty bolts, but there is no fix for the loss of public confidence

--Janet Napolitano resigns as DHS Secretary to run University of California