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PBC News & Comment: Curious Policy Shift at Gitmo, New Hearings for 71 Prisoners

Jason Leopold breaks news from late last Friday: new legal reviews promised for 71 Guantanamo uncharged prisoners held indefinitely…Click here for GoDaddy offer that supports the PBC podcast!

–in a victory for Snowden, late on Friday our top spook,  James Clapper reported that the FISA court had extended the Verizon phone records order

NY Times reports that Obama’s war on leakers now totals 153 cases in 4 years, O indictments

–ACLU calls for outside investigation of FBI killing of Todashev in Orlando

–TSA will offer 2-class system for airport screening, if you can pay, you can speed through

–problems continue with rogue police department in Oakland, as city plans to set up a comprehensive public-private surveillance program, the Domain Awareness Center

–Detroit bankruptcy will hurt its own retirees most, further crippling the local economy–but the GOP governor and his emergency manager just repeat talking points about how great Detroit was and will be.  Click here for the Krugman column

–from Detroit, Helen Thomas went on to become one of the greatest White House reporters of the past century; she died at 93