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PBC News & Comment: Curious Policy Shift at Gitmo, New Hearings for 71 Prisoners

Jason Leopold breaks news from late last Friday: new legal reviews promised for 71 Guantanamo uncharged prisoners held indefinitely...Click here for GoDaddy offer that supports the PBC podcast!

--in a victory for Snowden, late on Friday our top spook,  James Clapper reported that the FISA court had extended the Verizon phone records order

--NY Times reports that Obama's war on leakers now totals 153 cases in 4 years, O indictments

--ACLU calls for outside investigation of FBI killing of Todashev in Orlando

--TSA will offer 2-class system for airport screening, if you can pay, you can speed through

--problems continue with rogue police department in Oakland, as city plans to set up a comprehensive public-private surveillance program, the Domain Awareness Center

--Detroit bankruptcy will hurt its own retirees most, further crippling the local economy--but the GOP governor and his emergency manager just repeat talking points about how great Detroit was and will be.  Click here for the Krugman column

--from Detroit, Helen Thomas went on to become one of the greatest White House reporters of the past century; she died at 93