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PBC News & Comment: Our iTunes Feeds are Restored!

After weeklong outage, our Itunes feeds are back, see below;  we open with strong comments from Chas Freeman, diplomat & China expert…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast.

Listen for the Kona coffee special offer!

Tech note:  Problems at Yahoo Pipes blocked feeds of podcasts to iTunes from July 12 to 19.  We had to re-align our feeds, so you may get two feeds of the same episode.  If you still have trouble with iTunes, we suggest you set up new feeds using the iTunes links on our home page–one for subscribers and one for the free News & Comment podcast.  Report problems to and include a screen shot if you can. 

Chas Freeman has insight on many of the items we cover today, and we find him remarkably candid and critical for a veteran insider.

–Freeman doesn’t dance around the obvious:  that was a coup in Egypt, where 9 Morsi supporters have been killed in the past day

–al Qaeda claims credit for the massive jailbreaks in Iraq

–Yemeni reporter who was re-jailed at Obama’s request is released

–Joint Chiefs’ Dempsey wants to keep US troops in Afghanistan after 2014

–secret House committee OK’s ObamaCo plan to ship arms to Syrian rebels

–Rep. Alan Grayson, D-FL, passes 5 amendments to Pentagon money bill, one bans torture

–House committee approves GOP bill to ban NSA phone record collection

–Democratic bad boys seek forgiveness, rehabilitation:  Anthony Weiner admits sex tweets after he had resigned from Congress, Elliot Spitzer releases confessional TV spot that blames Wall St., San Diego Mayor Filner is serial groper.

–Lance Armstrong tries to rebuild his image, gets boos in Iowa bike race

–Obama’s nominee for #2 post at DHS is being investigated for benefitting Hillary’s brother Anthony Rodham in green-card-for-rich-aliens scam