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PBC News & Comment: California Wildfire Rages as Chatter Builds for US Attack on Syria

Fighting massive California wildfire hampered by sequester cuts; UN, UK and France say “NO!” but Obama seems intent on Syria strikes…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

On PBS, Obama cooly makes his case for attack on Syria, without offering evidence that Assad’s military used chemical weapons.

–UN Security Council fails to pass a resolution, Britain’s House of Commons voted a resolution down, France wants to await reports from UN weapons inspectors, but NY Times says Obama is ready to go solo

–Sibel Edmonds recaps the excellent, accurate reporting of Boiling Frogs Post on US involvement in the regime change plan for Syria, going back to 2011; this week, James Corbett delivered a fascinating interview with Ayssar Midani, who offers pro-Assad views and says satellite images prove that “rebels” have used chemical weapons

–and, your humble host launches a new podcast series on BoilingFrogsPost called Processing Distortion and the first episode features author/activist Norman Solomon on the spin up for an attack on Syria

–CNN reports on birth defects in Fallujah, where the US used chemical weapons (white phosphorous) in 2003-4

–Snowden’s latest:  Washington Post breaks Beltway taboo, publishes some information about the “black budget” for “intelligence” and spying…it totals about $75 billion this year

–Bart Gellman of The Post, who co-wrote the above story, recently took on the Obama White House over its attempts at controlling quotes used in news stories

–2 Algerian men released from Guantanamo

–Justice Department says it will respect state laws legalizing cannabis, but continues crackdown on state-legal pot clinics in California

–Hasan gets his wish, the death penalty, in Ft. Hood killing spree

–100 groups tell Gov. Jerry Brown to suspend fracking in California

–Brown keeps posturing on prisons, wants to waste $750 million housing inmates in for-profit prisons, in order to meet court order

–fast food workers in Bay Area stage one-day strike

–former Ohio Governor John Gilligan dies