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PBC News & Comment: For Tea Party iPods: “My Way, or the Highway”

Bay Area hard rockers Y & T open with “My Way or the Highway” for Tea Party radicals willing to shut down government, harm economy….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

–world markets slide, Obama seems resolved as GOP extortionists take threat of government shutdown to the wire

–the leak of intercepted al Qaeda communications in early August now described as more damaging than Snowden’s disclosures

–Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahil are teaming up to report on NSA role in assassinations

–NSA builds maps of our personal networks of contacts

–USIS probed for its security clearance investigations of Snowden and Navy Yard shooter, and it routinely “flushes” cases near the end of billing periods

–Hawk flies into White House, Netanyahu clings to old scripts as changes by Iran and Syria make him the loser at UN General Assembly

–new information about US commandos rescuing an American at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya

NY Times runs excellent investigative report, shows that death of children from guns in the home underreported by 50%

–Oakland’s dubious honor:  #1 city for robbery in the US