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PBC News & Comment: Doomed to Repeat History?

Prof. Chris Pyle, 1970 whistleblower who exposed Army Intelligence surveillance of Americans, says we need “more leakers” to expose wrongdoing….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast!

Pyle also comments on recent disclosures that NSA spied on Senators Church and Baker under LBJ, and on Russell Tice’s revelation that NSA has spied on top elected officials in recent years.  That’s Chumbawumba’s “Amnesia” opening the show.

NY Times reports on scripted, unconvincing denials by James Clapper that NSA only tested cell phone tracking system in 2010, 2011

–Obama calls Congressional leaders to White House, attempting to end shutdown

–Rachel Maddow gives excellent reporting on how extreme gerrymandering produces extreme members of Congress, and that GOP radicals have been bragging about shutting down the government since 2010

–Drake serenades us with “Shut It Down”

–federal court looks at NYPD targeting of Muslims

–more than half of executions in the US originate in just 2% of our counties

–Leonard Peltier’s case from Wounded Knee is being investigated by a tribunal of indiginous people

–US and Venezuela each eject 3 diplomats

–Hamish emails from Australia with some timely comments