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PBC News & Comment: Legal Schnauzer’s Roger Shuler Needs Our Help!

Roger Shuler, the dogged investigative blogger who’s exposed the cesspool of politicians and judges in Alabama, urgently needs our help!…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

Shuler, whose blog has been rated in the top 50 of legal blogs in the US, is facing lawsuits from the subjects of his reporting on sleazy sex scandals of “family values” politicians and judges, and needs your financial support.  Please be as generous as you can!

–in excerpt from our in-depth interview, Heidi Boghosian talks about the chilling effect of dragnet surveillance, including our elected officials

–Ed Snowden’s latest, from Glenn Greenwald, explores the NSA’s efforts to crack the encryption of TOR, the system our State Department uses to communicate with human rights victims in restricted countries

–Google is asking FISA Court to permit more disclosure of its court-ordered collaboration with NSA

–Obama is urged to raise the debt ceiling without Congress, but White House downplays the option

–US passes Russia to become world’s top oil, gas producer

–fracking in Pennsylvania produces radium in toxic wastewater, a new negative impact of fracking

–ex-Obama campaign staffers are on both sides of Keystone XL debate

–83-year-old Catholic nun faces 30 years for protest at Oak Ridge labs

–first “Moral Mondays” protester sentenced in North Carolina

–in Egypt, the new military dictator is heard on video planning to reinstate the “shackles” of the Mubarek era

–Syrian “rebels” fight other Syrian “rebels”, underscoring how risky it is for US to provide arms to “rebels”

–did US Capitol police need to shoot to kill the unarmed woman who rammed barricades, sped away from cops?

At the 30-minute mark, Will Durst weighs in on the government shutdown

And at precisely 32:23, Gary Chew reviews the new George Clooney–Sandra Bullock flick, Gravity