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PBC News & Comment: A T & T Sells Phone Records to CIA for Big Bucks

NY Times confirms what we’ve known: AT & T and other phone companies are paid millions by CIA for phone records….Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

–Al Gore breaks from his low profile to support Ed Snowden’s leaks

–Senate passes ENDA non-discrimination law, which has big loopholes for religious groups to continue to discriminate

–Gareth Porter offers great analysis on Nov. 1 drone strike in Pakistan that killed Mehsud and an attempted peace process

–FAA unveils roadmap to aerial navigation that includes drones

–Jason Leopold got Abu Zubaydah’s diary, published part 1 today

–Swiss autopsy suggests Yasser Arafat poisoned with Polonium

–Koch cash backlash in small Iowa town

–Steve Horn exposes pro-fracking ads at MSNBC website, as Jon Stewart exposes CNN couch maneuver, sponsored by BP