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PBC News & Comment: A T & T Sells Phone Records to CIA for Big Bucks

NY Times confirms what we've known: AT & T and other phone companies are paid millions by CIA for phone records....Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC Podcast!

--Al Gore breaks from his low profile to support Ed Snowden's leaks

--Senate passes ENDA non-discrimination law, which has big loopholes for religious groups to continue to discriminate

--Gareth Porter offers great analysis on Nov. 1 drone strike in Pakistan that killed Mehsud and an attempted peace process

--FAA unveils roadmap to aerial navigation that includes drones

--Jason Leopold got Abu Zubaydah's diary, published part 1 today

--Swiss autopsy suggests Yasser Arafat poisoned with Polonium

--Koch cash backlash in small Iowa town

--Steve Horn exposes pro-fracking ads at MSNBC website, as Jon Stewart exposes CNN couch maneuver, sponsored by BP