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PBC News & Comment: European Court Hears Evidence of US Torture of Abu Zubaydah in Poland

Lawyers for Zubaydah and al-Nashiri present evidence of torture at black site in Poland to European Court of Human Rights….Click here for free audiobook and support the PBC Podcast!

PBC interviewed Brent Mickum, one of Zubaydah’s lawyers, about Guantanamo and Mickum’s brilliant essay about US foreign policy blunders;  this Processing Distortion podcast will be released soon at BoilingFrogsPost.

–UN probes war crimes charges against Syria, but not the US

–major protests continue in Kiev and Bangkok

–Egypt’s military dictators polish draft of new constitution, which leaves the generals in charge of the military for at least 8 more years

–Nigerian airport attacked by hundreds of insurgents

–Detroit bankruptcy judge clears the way for pensioners to get screwed

–ALEC is reeling from exposure by progressives, has lost 60 corporate supporters and 400 legislators in past 2 years, details here

–Steve Horn has co-written a great expose on Stratfor, corporate America’s own CIA, and exposes democracy activist Popovic as a Stratfor informant

–9th circuit court of appeals overturns ruling that said NPR and PBS must air political ads

–Sens. Wyden, Udall and Heinrich challenge Feinstein’s “NSA reform” bill that enables dragnet collection, in NY Times op-ed

–Bob Dylan is being sued in France for insulting Croatians