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PBC News & Comment: Pressure Builds to De-Classify Document Linking Saudis to 9/11

GOP Rep. Walter Jones is pushing for release of memo showing Saudi financial support pre-9/11 to hijackers in Florida, CaliforniaClick here for free audiobook and generate $15 for the PBC Podcast!

Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham has been probing this angle for years–will this be the 9/11 break needed to get to the truth?

–Fox “News” reporter wins court ruling, will not be required to disclose sources

–500 famous authors protest NSA spying, demand reforms

–legislators in Arizona and Utah propose state laws limiting NSA

–in excerpt from our interview, Dr. Carl Hart talks about avoiding repeat of policy blunders on crack laws

–investigative journalist Peter Byrne exposes conflicts of interest of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, whose husband runs the company that has exclusive contract to sell old post offices and other postal property

–most charges against Rev. Billy have been dropped in NYC court

–GM names woman to be new CEO, PBC says Detroit deserves bailout as big as GM’s

–new “Volcker Rule” is approved by 5 agencies, but does not have the same impact as the repealed Glass-Steagal Act

–85-year-old American is released by North Korea

–Thailand leader promises to step down after elections in February

–Vladimir Putin installs a Bill O’Reilly type as head of state network