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PBC News & Comment: Senate Pulls All-Nighters in Procedural Battle with GOP

Republicans drag feet on confirmations after filibuster rule change, so Harry Reid goes 24/7 until backlog depleted...Boomtown Rats rock!....Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 for PBC Podcast from Audible!

--the "nobody's happy" budget compromise tilts to GOP demands, but it will take Dem votes to pass it, as usual

--NYU's Brennan Center on the Law issues scathing report on new domestic police ops:  fusion centers, joint terrorism task forces choke on massive data collection, fuel "chaos"

--White House bows to pro-Israel extremists, announces added sanctions on Iran that risk the interim deal over nuclear program

--Time names Pope Frank as its Person of the Year

--protesters in Kiev refuse to meet with president until all protesters are released and government is dissolved

--hearings on Asiana crash at SFO reveal pilot error due to lack of training, and that firefighters ran over female victim twice

--FDA orders "23 And Me" to stop marketing and sales of DNA testing

--Kansas City converts phone booths to prayer booths

--atheist groups gather for Sunday "services"