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PBC News & Comment: Snowden “Has Done His Country a Great Service”

NY Times joins Guardian in calling for clemency or reduced charges for Snowden; EFF's Cindy Cohn calls for constitutional fix....Click here for free audiobook download that generates $15 to PBC Podcast from Audible!

--"Justice" Dept. continues to fight release of legal memo that justifies massive phone records collection

--ACLU appeals bad call by NY federal judge that metadata collection is constitutional

--federal judge says border agents can grab, and copy laptops and other devices with no warrant or probable cause

--Apple denies it worked with NSA to include backdoor in iPhone

--Michael Moore blurts out the truth about Obamacare: it's "awful"

--Catholic bishops use Little Sisters of the Poor to launch politcal attack on contraception coverage in Obamacare

--as Robert Parry correctly points out, the NY Times has quietly admitted it was wrong about evidence of Syrian gas attack

--new poll: Americans have no confidence in our government

--General Mills pledges to keep Cheerios GMO-free, but not its other cereals

--Gary Chew reviews the new Martin Scorcese film, The Wolf of Wall Street