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PBC News & Comment: Heroic Former NSA Officials Detail 21-point Plan For Intelligence Reform

Highlights from Part 2 of our interview with NSA officials Binney and Drake, as leaks confirm Obama’s limited reform proposals….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, generating $15 to the PBC Podcast!

So far, leaks indicate that Obama’s “reforms” will include one minor point of the 21-point plan

–latest disclosure on NSA is from NY Times, with interesting details on 100,000 computers worldwide with secretly embedded spyware

–new confirmation that metadata collection doesn’t uncover terrorist plots

–NSA gives interesting denial to Sen. Sanders about targeting of elected officials by NSA

–new report from Senate Intel committee on Benghazi blames State Dept for lax security

–in Alabama yesterday, Roger Shuler was convicted for resisting arrest, even though the judge admitted that no warrant was shown

–11 dies in first of 2 days of voting for new constitution in Egypt

–Brad Friedman at Bradblog covers super tight Virginia election that will determine control of state–margin is 9 votes out of 20,000

–listener Mike Lamb asks if Christie’s cronies should be charged as terrorists for blocking George Washington Bridge