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PBC News & Comment: Heroic Former NSA Officials Detail 21-point Plan For Intelligence Reform

Highlights from Part 2 of our interview with NSA officials Binney and Drake, as leaks confirm Obama's limited reform proposals....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, generating $15 to the PBC Podcast!

So far, leaks indicate that Obama's "reforms" will include one minor point of the 21-point plan

--latest disclosure on NSA is from NY Times, with interesting details on 100,000 computers worldwide with secretly embedded spyware

--new confirmation that metadata collection doesn't uncover terrorist plots

--NSA gives interesting denial to Sen. Sanders about targeting of elected officials by NSA

--new report from Senate Intel committee on Benghazi blames State Dept for lax security

--in Alabama yesterday, Roger Shuler was convicted for resisting arrest, even though the judge admitted that no warrant was shown

--11 dies in first of 2 days of voting for new constitution in Egypt

--Brad Friedman at Bradblog covers super tight Virginia election that will determine control of state--margin is 9 votes out of 20,000

--listener Mike Lamb asks if Christie's cronies should be charged as terrorists for blocking George Washington Bridge