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PBC News & Comment: Rocker John Dissed’s New Song About Guantanamo

We open with John Dissed’s powerful song about Guantanamo,  news that Skinny Puppy sues for using its music to torture….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible that kicks in $15 to the PBC Podcast!

–Sri Lanken men about to be deproted from US after spending 3 years in immigration prison without charges

–Center for Constitutional Rights files suit to overturn Animal Enterprise Terrorism law; Ryan Shapiro explains his case

Guardian runs first installment of Snowden bio book

–German hackers accuse Merkel government of collaborating with NSA to spy on Germans

–Tech giants release new info on scale of government requests, but it doesn’t mean much

–as predicted, ObamaCo released Keystone environmental report late on Friday of Superbowl weekend

–former Christie crony says the Governor has lied–that he did know about intentional blocking of GW Bridge

–Truther grabs mike at Superbowl postgame, as we learn that Seattle’s coach has questions about 9/11

–Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of drug overdose