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PBC News & Comment: Rain Falls on Water Wars in California

As first major rainstorm of 2014 slams California, GOP House tries water grab based on false choice between fish, farms….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and kick in $15 to the PBC Podcast!

–Vlad’s Winter Olympics open in Sochi, as we brace for jingoistic nationalism from NBC coverage.  Russian environmentalist jailed for exposing pollution from Olympic construction

–huge coal ash spill in North Carolina begs for federal regulations

–in cynical attempt to preserve the seat of conservaDem Sen. Mary Landrieu, Harry Reid makes her chair of Energy committee

–at Gitmo, defense lawyer asks judge to muzzle prosecutor

–in Brooklyn, 2 innocent men freed after 22 years, more expected

–heroin overdoses can be treated with drug Naxolone–we should give it away in needle exchanges

–US Postal Service paper losses declined in 2013

–study shows unions are using Citizens United rules to pump large amounts into political campaigns

–billionaire Larry Ellison dangles America’s Cup in front of multiple cities, hoping for subsidies to billionaire’s game

–federal judge in Missouri says First Amendment protects your right to use high beams to alert oncoming cars to speed trap