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PBC News & Comment: “I want my Goddam 4th amendment back”

Tens of thousands protest NSA in 15 countries today, demanding real reform of mass surveillance, US return to constitutional rule…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and trigger $15 contribution to the PBC Podcast!

–from clicks to street action, here are ways to add your voice to the NSA protest

–8 GOP members of Maryland legislature sponsor bill that would cut off water and electricity to Fort Meade

–in rare moment of agreement, PBC praises AG Holder for new rules to ensure rights of same sex married couple

–PBC then slams Holder and Obama for failing to use the same executive power to re-classify cannabis; as this excellent report by Bob Egelko shows, Obama is not being honest

–White House announces unilateral changes to Obamacare, in an illegal use of executive power

–influential DC Appeals Court reverses trend, rules that Guantanamo prisoners do have a right to habeas corpus actions related to the conditions of their confinement

–right wing group Judicial Watch wins FOIA fight over emails ordering destruction of photos of bin Laden’s corpse, exposing likely obstruction of justice

–for first time, your humble host comments on the public fight between Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen, and declines to judge them; and he demands explanation from Reddit for banning posts related to World Socialists’ views on the matter