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PBC News & Comment: Nuns Make News

Ex-nun Mary Dispenza challenges Pope Francis to confront sex abuse scandal; 84-year-old nun Megan Rice jailed for 3 years......Dept. of Oops: Corrected audio file is uploaded.  Sorry, but the first file started with 2.5 minutes of dead air, throat clearing, and a false start.  So sorry!

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--Ukraine uprisings spread from Kiev

--Rachel Maddow breaks from exhaustive Chris Christie coverage, reports earthquakes near frack zones in TX, OK

--SF billionaire Jim Steyer dangles $100 million in campaign money for candidates who will address climate change

--Energy Dept OK’s $6.5 billion loan to Georgia nuke plant

--Former FCC Commissioner Copps slams Comcast merger in this excerpt; full interview tomorrow at Boiling Frogs

--“domestic terrorist” takes plea deal, in another case with paid informants and indications of a frame-up

--students at Glasgow University elect Ed Snowden as rector

--UK court says Miranda’s detention at Heathrow was lawful

--PBS Frontline aired interesting show on Facebook, and PBC notes that the marketing of the recent Hunger Games sequel offers a layered metaphor of the virtual world of Facebook