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PBC News & Comment: Time to Go Home!

Obama threatens Karzai with the “zero option”, withdrawing all US troops by yearend….let’s make sure he carries it out!….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast!

Note 1:  our new audio gear produced a few dropouts in the audio recording today, sorry.

Note 2:  about 2.5 minutes into the podcast, your humble host screws up, mentions “Karzai” when he means “Maliki”; even more sorry.

–“Deep Cuts” at Pentagon not really deep; the debate is between teeny cuts and teeny-weeny cuts

–Greenwald shows how intel uses online disruption on innocent people, read it here

–Gareth Porter:  Obama relies on info from Iran’s “Curveball”

–Former Gitmo prisoner Moazzem Begg arrested in England

–Interim Ukraine leader is Tymoshenko’s lawyer

–Chevron lobbyist now runs House Science Committee

–Uganda enacts anti-gay law

–Religious homophobes in California fail to qualify bathroom initiative

–2013 was killer year at Golden Gate Bridge, 46 suicides

–Bitcoin holders concerned as Mt. Gox faces shutdown

–Rich libertarian Tim Draper wants to split California into 6 states