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PBC News & Comment: DiFi’s “Defining Moment”

Rare agreement: in important speech on Senate floor, Dianne Feinstein says her battle with CIA is “defining moment”; she’s right….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Red light cameras terminated in Marin County, a win for the Constitution and PBC

–no news, no speculation here on missing Malaysian jet

–Sen. Feinstein takes her case against CIA to Senate floor, read the transcript here

–NSA and Cyber Command nominee Adm. Mike Rogers dodges questions at Senate Armed Services hearing

–federal judge in SF blocks destruction of NSA phone records, needed for evidence in lawsuit

–stung by Snowden, Intel officials now plan to monitor intelligence personnel

–Sinclair court martial on hold for new plea negotiation

–lawsuit to end force feeding at Guantanamo says one prisoner has been force fed 5,000 times

–at Vice, Jason Leopold reports that Gitmo hunger strikes have been re-labeled “long-term non-religious fasts”

–Russ Baker raises doubts about carjacking by Tsarnaevs, and the whole narrative of Boston Marathon bombing; read it here