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PBC News & Comment: DiFi’s “Defining Moment”

Rare agreement: in important speech on Senate floor, Dianne Feinstein says her battle with CIA is "defining moment"; she's right....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--Red light cameras terminated in Marin County, a win for the Constitution and PBC

--no news, no speculation here on missing Malaysian jet

--Sen. Feinstein takes her case against CIA to Senate floor, read the transcript here

--NSA and Cyber Command nominee Adm. Mike Rogers dodges questions at Senate Armed Services hearing

--federal judge in SF blocks destruction of NSA phone records, needed for evidence in lawsuit

--stung by Snowden, Intel officials now plan to monitor intelligence personnel

--Sinclair court martial on hold for new plea negotiation

--lawsuit to end force feeding at Guantanamo says one prisoner has been force fed 5,000 times

--at Vice, Jason Leopold reports that Gitmo hunger strikes have been re-labeled “long-term non-religious fasts”

--Russ Baker raises doubts about carjacking by Tsarnaevs, and the whole narrative of Boston Marathon bombing; read it here