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PBC News & Comment: My Favorite Talking Head, David Byrne, Calls for a New, Secure Internet

David Byrne, former leader of Talking Heads, pens thoughtful, funny commentary on spying and need for a secure internet...Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast

Read David Byrne's colorful essay here.

--Twitter ban backfires in Turkey

--SF lawsuit on NSA spying leads to national order preserving records

--NSA/cyber command hacked Chinese--but who hacked first?

--Egypt sentences 529 to death for supporting Muslim Brotherhood

--Malaysian leader says flight 370 “ended in south Indian Ocean”

--Obama, in Amsterdam, says allies united against Russia

--NY Times amends its FBI story on Todashev killing

--NY Times public editor starts new “Anonywatch” blog

--Scott Olson, veteran who was injured by Oakland police during Occupy protests, gets $4.5 million

--killer mudslide near Seattle, big oil spill in Houston harbor