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PBC News & Comment: We Dedicate “I’m Free” by The Who to Roger Shuler

We open with "I'm Free" by The Who and some powerful comments from the newly-released Roger Shuler, the Alabama journalist.....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--in excerpt from our in-depth interview, Roger Shuler tells his story—5 months in jail for journalism in Alabama

--Jason Leopold adds new dimensions to the story of Abu Zubaydah and who features prominently in Senate's torture “review”

--California state Senate suspends 3 Democrats

--Bay Area peace group attacked in Kabul, 6 die

--Obama travels from Vatican to Saudi Arabia for talks

--Christian charity World Vision regrets its act of Christian tolerance, retracts invitation to gay married couples to work there

--Northwestern athletes lead effort to unionize, get paid to play

--Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson funds campaign to block internet gambling

--appeals court says that Texas law that’s shutting down abortion clinics does not pose “undue burden” on women’s rights

--Ron Paul op-ed tweaks Feinstein on CIA, NSA