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PBC News & Comment: New Gas Attack Reported in Syria, Corporate Media in Parrot Mode

Amid new report of chemical weapons use in Syria, corporate media fails to challenge unproven US claims of Syrian responsibility…Click here for free Audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–amid reports of new chemical attack in Syria, corporate media ignore Sy Hersh’s recent report on gas in Ghouta last year

–Assad says the war is turning in his favor

–Ukraine asks UN for troops to patrol eastern regions

–Guantanamo trials halted to probe FBI infiltration of defense legal team

–FBI agents secretly fought in Iraq, Afghanistan

–documentary film says Air Force personnel ran drone strikes for CIA

–Nevada rancher wins standoff with BLM over cattle grazing on public lands

–Google’s DC lobbying exposed in lengthy story in Washington Post

–NSA’s exploitation of “Heartbleed” bug continued under loophole in Obama’s “reformed” rules for spying

–gay Catholics ask Pope Francis to change teachings on gays

–listener Andy Dral touts the “Better Off Budget” from the Progressive Caucus in the House