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PBC News & Comment: Christian Leaders Call For End to War On Drugs

It’s Holy Week, and Christian leaders say “Jesus would end the war on (some) drugs”; momentum for change is building…..Click here for free audiobook from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–US-Russia reach agreement on Ukraine—will it mean anything?

–Putin answers video question from Snowden, spook to spook

–Obama leaves for Asia next week, promoting bad trade deal

–Gitmo defense lawyers demand testimony from 4 FBI agents accused of misconduct

–Tsarnaev’s lawyers tactics outlined in requests for documents

–Jimmy Carter and 9 other Nobel laureates oppose Keystone

NY Times magazine explains Obama’s poll-driven “evolution” on marriage equality

–Supreme Court may review Ohio law banning lies in political campaigns

–French judge dismisses “racial hate” charges against Bob Dylan