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PBC News & Comment: Christian Leaders Call For End to War On Drugs

It's Holy Week, and Christian leaders say "Jesus would end the war on (some) drugs"; momentum for change is building.....Click here for free audiobook from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--US-Russia reach agreement on Ukraine—will it mean anything?

--Putin answers video question from Snowden, spook to spook

--Obama leaves for Asia next week, promoting bad trade deal

--Gitmo defense lawyers demand testimony from 4 FBI agents accused of misconduct

--Tsarnaev’s lawyers tactics outlined in requests for documents

--Jimmy Carter and 9 other Nobel laureates oppose Keystone

--NY Times magazine explains Obama’s poll-driven “evolution” on marriage equality

--Supreme Court may review Ohio law banning lies in political campaigns

--French judge dismisses "racial hate” charges against Bob Dylan