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PBC News & Comment: NY Federal Appeals Court Orders Release of Obama “Kill-at-Will” Memos

As federal district judge in Oakland dismissed a similar case, appeals court in NY orders release of Obama’s kill memos….

–weekend drone strikes kill 55 in Yemen, US claims it got underwear bomb maker

–Jason Leopold front-pages the Guardian with his exclusive interview with CIA torture consultant James Mitchell

–ObamaCo delays Keystone XL decision again until after November election

–Gaza writers display talent and convey deep emotion in PBC interview; Yousef Aljamal describes the Israeli occupation

–Don Siegelman wins new appeal hearing

–Obama starts 4-country visit to Asia, promoting diabolical TPP deal

–new White House counsel Neil Eggleston has defense bar experience

–new push to protect women from sex assault on campuses

–Reuben “Hurricane” Carter dies, minstrel Bob Dylan tells the story