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PBC News & Comment: NY Federal Appeals Court Orders Release of Obama “Kill-at-Will” Memos

As federal district judge in Oakland dismissed a similar case, appeals court in NY orders release of Obama's kill memos....

--weekend drone strikes kill 55 in Yemen, US claims it got underwear bomb maker

--Jason Leopold front-pages the Guardian with his exclusive interview with CIA torture consultant James Mitchell

--ObamaCo delays Keystone XL decision again until after November election

--Gaza writers display talent and convey deep emotion in PBC interview; Yousef Aljamal describes the Israeli occupation

--Don Siegelman wins new appeal hearing

--Obama starts 4-country visit to Asia, promoting diabolical TPP deal

--new White House counsel Neil Eggleston has defense bar experience

--new push to protect women from sex assault on campuses

--Reuben “Hurricane” Carter dies, minstrel Bob Dylan tells the story