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PBC News & Comment: Exposed Emails Show Cozy Connections Between NSA Chief and Google Execs

Jason Leopold’s FOIA fishing exposes email exchanges between former NSA boss Keith Alexander and his Google buddies, Schmidt and Brin…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–revealed: Google bosses’ cozy relationship with former NSA chief Keith Alexander, reported by Jason Leopold

–as Ukraine conflict grows, retired American intelligence officers call for Obama-Putin summit in open memo

–White House releases new climate study, showing extreme weather is tied to warming

–Occupy protester Cecily McMillan found guilty of assault on NY cop, faces up to 7 years in prison

–in Chicago domestic terrorism case, prosecutors appeal order to share surveillance evidence with defense

–bipartisan opposition builds to nomination of David Barron to federal court

–PBC responds to Steven Rattner’s call to abolish the corporate tax