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News &Comment: Reacting to Information and Commentary from the Sunday Papers

Joe Jackson opens with “Sunday Papers” as your humble host browses and opines on Ukraine, pipelines, and Catholic extremists: listen!…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–90% plus approve secession vote in Eastern Ukraine in low-credibility election on Sunday

–Russian gas bill to Ukraine jumps from $2 bil to $22 bil

–German media report picked up by RT says 400 Academi mercenaries are fighting with Ukraine military

–listener Alex, in UK, warns about EU Times

–federal agency report says oil/gas pipeline oversight is very weak

–PG&E still trying to find all its gas lines, $300 million effort includes many mistakes

–60% of oil and gas wells on federal, Indian land uninspected

NY Times analysis shows Supreme Court is divided on political lines for the first time

NY Times columnists Dowd and Noceri expose Catholic extremism, as US bishops demand teachers sign contracts with morals clauses, and Pope Francis condones Vatican attack on nuns

–Cecily McMillan gets visit from Pussy Riot members at Rikers