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PBC News & Comment: Monterey’s Progressive Talk Station, KRXA-540, Signs Off Today

After almost 9 years, we have sold KRXA, Monterey, ending our effort to bring progressive voices to AM talk radio….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–you can read PBC’s 2013 report on the decline of progressive talk radio here

–former SF mayor and Assembly speaker Willie Brown was in favor of internet gambling, but joins the Adelson opposition gravy train; in 2006, while co-hosting “progressive” radio show, he supported Schwarzenegger and opposed single payer

–FCC’s Net Neutrality vote includes consideration of common carrier option

–Barack Obama and Rachel Maddow have long supported net neutrality, but have not uttered a peep about FCC action

–Pando reports that Marcy Wheeler has quietly left Greenwald/Omidyar’s “The Intercept”, saying only it had nothing to do with Ukraine

–more double talk from Obama about his power to reduce deportations

–Jason Leopold reports that Senate Intel report likely to be released this summer

–GM fined $35 million as it recalls more cars

–utility bills no longer collect nuke dump fee

–84-year-old Barbara Walters is retiring (again?)