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PBC News & Comment: Monterey’s Progressive Talk Station, KRXA-540, Signs Off Today

After almost 9 years, we have sold KRXA, Monterey, ending our effort to bring progressive voices to AM talk radio....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--you can read PBC's 2013 report on the decline of progressive talk radio here

--former SF mayor and Assembly speaker Willie Brown was in favor of internet gambling, but joins the Adelson opposition gravy train; in 2006, while co-hosting “progressive” radio show, he supported Schwarzenegger and opposed single payer

--FCC’s Net Neutrality vote includes consideration of common carrier option

--Barack Obama and Rachel Maddow have long supported net neutrality, but have not uttered a peep about FCC action

--Pando reports that Marcy Wheeler has quietly left Greenwald/Omidyar’s “The Intercept”, saying only it had nothing to do with Ukraine

--more double talk from Obama about his power to reduce deportations

--Jason Leopold reports that Senate Intel report likely to be released this summer

--GM fined $35 million as it recalls more cars

--utility bills no longer collect nuke dump fee

--84-year-old Barbara Walters is retiring (again?)