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PBC News & Comment: Nassau’s Gone Funky, With Total NSA Surveillance

NSA exposed: Greenwald names Bahamas and “unnamed country” as targets of  “full take”: all cellphone calls are recorded 24/7…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Greenwald’s latest:  Bahamas is target of full collection

–Frontline Pando story, Greenwald won’t disclose one of the nations under total surveillance due to “credible threat of violence”

–Greenwald book adds some details to Miranda interrogation, infers big split with Guardian for sharing Snowden files with NYT

–California senate passes bill requiring NSA to get individual warrant to spy on a California person

–CIA announces it will not use vaccination schemes like it did in Pakistan

–Obama on defensive over VA problems, Jon Stewart skewers him

–top Senators chide Holder for weak penalties on Credit Suisse

–as Pope travels to Mideast with Jewish and Muslim pals, IDF shoots 2 Palestinian teens in cold blood on Nakba Day

–Libya descending into tribal chaos as our boy Hifter tries to hold on

–military declares martial law in Thailand

–Don Siegelman writes on behalf of other prisoners



Dear Friend,

I am waiting with great anticipation for my own appeal for a new trial, but today I would like to turn my attention to the plight of my fellow inmates. To those of you who have done so much to help me, I am asking you to give a hand to these other unfairly treated prisoners.

We recently got good news! The US Sentencing Commission just voted to reduce sentences for some low level, drug offenders! This is important progress, but I would like them to go farther. Fairness dictates that they apply the reductions retroactively as well.

The USSC is now trying to correct their mistake for the future. So, for example, someone sentenced now under the new rules might get 10 rather than 20 years. But fairness requires that those who received unduly excessive sentences in the past should retroactivity apply the same sentence reduction to those currently in prison or who are waiting to go.

Take the Time to Intercede on Behalf of My Friends

As a result, I am asking that you write a short note to the U.S. Sentencing Commission asking that they apply sentence reductions retroactively.

Send your note or email to:


The US Sentencing Commission
One Columbus Circle, NE
Suite 2-500
Washington, DC 20002-8002

Say something like this –
Dear Commissioners:

I am writing to urge you to apply the recent amendment to the Sentencing Guidelines retroactively beginning November. 1, 2014.

Since the Commission has responsibility to look at fairness and unwarranted disparities in sentencing, it is logical to apply the recent amendment retroactively.

The evidence before the Commission indicates that public safely was not endangered by the retroactivity of the crack cocaine amendments, the same should be the case with this amendment.

Therefore , I urge the Commission to make the amendment retroactive to all eligible, not just for those inmates sentenced before the “Booker Case”, not just to those to which the “Safely Valve” applied.

Respectfully submitted,


Thank you for all you have done, and are doing for justice! I hope to see you on the outside soon!