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PBC News & Comment: Daniel Ellsberg Announces New Whistleblower Organization

Pentagon Papers hero Dan Ellsberg joins NSA whistleblowers and others in forming ExposeFacts, to facilitate important new disclosures….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Ellsberg’s new whistleblower organization,

–on second listen, that heavy metal opening tune sucks

–federal judge in Idaho begs Supreme Court to overturn his ruling allowing NSA metadata collection to continue

–in federal court in Oakland, NSA demands that public information be declared state secret

–Germany opens inquiry into NSA monitoring of Chancellor Merkel’s phone

–Taliban video of Bergdahl release says “don’t come back”

–bipartisan attacks on Obama for prisoner swap continue

–no real progress expected now on constitutional amendment to fix Citizens United

–California primary produces few surprises

–US embraces Egyptian election, dismisses Syrian election

–ObamaCo granted Exxon offshore leases in Gulf 3 days before it launched its climate change PR offensive, reports Steve Horn

–Stop presses!  NRA issues statement that PBC agrees with!