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PBC News & Comment: Ed Snowden Gets a Boost from Al Gore

Uber-cautious Al Gore says Snowden broke the law, but exposed violations of the Constitution far more serious…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–my friend and colleague Sibel Edmonds says l’affaire Snowden is an elaborate psychological operation, but I don’t have enough proof of that

–feds take extraordinary action to avoid exposure of Stingray, the advanced cellphone monitoring system

–stunning attack in Iraq as Mosul is taken by Sunni insurgents

–Pakistani Taliban launches 2nd attack on Karachi airport

–wanton gun violence in US now daily, Monday’s cop killing in Las Vegas raises many questions

–waves of child immigrants are attempting to cross our southern border, creating new nativist alarms and humanitarian crisis

–Public Citizen exposes 2009 killings of 32 Peruvian protesters of free trade pact

–NY settles more suits for police misconduct against Occupy protester

–VICE in talks with Time-Warner that could hand Headline News to Vice

–Coast Guard court-martial reveals sexual harassment like other military services

–fossilized Diane Sawyer serves up Benghazi as ABC launches Hillary’s book tour