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PBC News & Comment: What’s the Message from Eric Cantor’s Primary Defeat?

GOP House Majority Leader loses “safe” seat to the extreme right forces he helped unleash; was immigration the only issue?

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–Dems dance on Eric Cantor’s loss; it’s not just about immigration, NSA surveillance was also a factor, says Shahid Buttar

–Shahid has new rap video about surveillance

–Baghdad threatened as 3 more cities fall to Sunni fighters

–Defense boss Hagel in hot seat over Bergdahl swap

–here’s an excerpt from our interview with author Nell Bernstein on America’s broken juvenile prison system

–new complaint documents abuse of children and teens in immigration jails

–on college campuses, all crimes decline except sex offenses

–in Tampa, guilty verdict in another FBI-driven “domestic terrorism” case

–EU launches investigation of European tax dodges by Apple, Starbucks

–California judge overturns teacher tenure in case brought by “students”