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PBC News & Comment: What’s the Message from Eric Cantor’s Primary Defeat?

GOP House Majority Leader loses "safe" seat to the extreme right forces he helped unleash; was immigration the only issue?

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--Dems dance on Eric Cantor’s loss; it’s not just about immigration, NSA surveillance was also a factor, says Shahid Buttar

--Shahid has new rap video about surveillance

--Baghdad threatened as 3 more cities fall to Sunni fighters

--Defense boss Hagel in hot seat over Bergdahl swap

--here’s an excerpt from our interview with author Nell Bernstein on America’s broken juvenile prison system

--new complaint documents abuse of children and teens in immigration jails

--on college campuses, all crimes decline except sex offenses

--in Tampa, guilty verdict in another FBI-driven “domestic terrorism” case

--EU launches investigation of European tax dodges by Apple, Starbucks

--California judge overturns teacher tenure in case brought by “students”