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PBC News & Comment: Spiral of Violence Expands in Iraq

Shiite cops execute 44 Sunnis at police station as grotesque bloodletting in Iraq becomes numbing daily news, Maliki refuses to bend…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–In Iraq, Shiite cops and militia execute Sunnis in retaliation for Sunni executions of Shiite soldiers

–Obama sends 275 soldiers for embassy protection and “training”

–over the weekend, US commandos grabbed Benghazi suspect Khattala, who has been hiding in plain sight

–Guantanamo defense lawyers seek trial delay to investigate FBI misconduct

–lawyers for Gitmo hunger striker Dhiab seek emergency order regarding force feeding and cell extractions

–British spy agency GCHQ claims it’s legal to monitor all internet traffic, as they are “external communications”

–Senate approves some whistleblower rights for intelligence employees, but it’s still not safe to report “through channels”

–Army launches probe into Bergdahl’s disappearance

–22 states have passed various voter suppression laws, but courts are overturning many of them

–Sen. Reid supports amnesty for corporate tax cheats, a bad idea that would fund highway improvements