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PBC News & Comment: Fast Food Workers Strike as Dems, Labor Just Talk About Boosting Wages

Thousands protest, many low-wage workers arrested as they demand $15 minimum wage and union representation, Democrats and Labor just watch....
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--as Dems talk up minimum wage increase in election year ploy, fast food workers strike for $15 an hour
--in Silicon Valley, Sen. Feinstein continues fearmongering about IS
--in Wales, Obama and Cameron urge NATO to confront IS
--Gary Brecher has interesting history of beheadings as propaganda in this Pando report
--Ukraine’s Candy Man calls for cease-fire as his troops are losing ground, Russia says maybe
--Pando’s Yasha Levine just returned from Ukraine, here’s an excerpt form our interview
--Robert Parry offers more excellent analysis on Ukraine here
--Israel charges Palestinian with kidnap/murder of 3 students, proving the big lie that led to 50-day war on Gaza
--federal judge finds BP “reckless” in Gulf oil blowout, fine may hit $18 billion
--federal appeals court finds Yelp’s business tactics aren’t extortion
--Nevada wins ugly “competition” for site of Tesla’s $5 billion
battery factory
--in North Carolina, half brothers declared innocent, released from prison after 30 years
--also in North Carolina, voting begins under new laws that will suppress Democratic participation
--Joan Rivers dead at 81