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PBC News & Comment: Fast Food Workers Strike as Dems, Labor Just Talk About Boosting Wages

Thousands protest, many low-wage workers arrested as they demand $15 minimum wage and union representation, Democrats and Labor just watch….
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–as Dems talk up minimum wage increase in election year ploy, fast food workers strike for $15 an hour
–in Silicon Valley, Sen. Feinstein continues fearmongering about IS
–in Wales, Obama and Cameron urge NATO to confront IS
–Gary Brecher has interesting history of beheadings as propaganda in this Pando report
–Ukraine’s Candy Man calls for cease-fire as his troops are losing ground, Russia says maybe
–Pando’s Yasha Levine just returned from Ukraine, here’s an excerpt form our interview
–Robert Parry offers more excellent analysis on Ukraine here
–Israel charges Palestinian with kidnap/murder of 3 students, proving the big lie that led to 50-day war on Gaza
–federal judge finds BP “reckless” in Gulf oil blowout, fine may hit $18 billion
–federal appeals court finds Yelp’s business tactics aren’t extortion
–Nevada wins ugly “competition” for site of Tesla’s $5 billion
battery factory
–in North Carolina, half brothers declared innocent, released from prison after 30 years
–also in North Carolina, voting begins under new laws that will suppress Democratic participation
–Joan Rivers dead at 81