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PBC News & Comment: Innocent Muslims Imprisoned, Then Freed in Britain and US

Former Guantanamo prisoner and activist Moazzem Begg released by Britain after 7 months; American Irfan Khan sues for malicious prosecution....

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--former Gitmo prisoner Moazzem Begg is freed in Britain after collapse of charges related to Syria
--in US, Muslim Irfan Khan sues for malicious prosecution after being cleared, spent 318 days in solitary
--newly released FBI documents show Awlaki was likely an FBI asset
--Pentagon rules out transfer of 13 Bagram prisoners to Guantanamo
--Hong Kong leader relents, will meet with protesters, in-depth interview tomorrow with Cornell’s Eli Friedman
--Netanyahu meets with Obama, usual drill, as more illegal settlements are announced
--Spencer Ackerman writes important story for Guardian, about Obama’s use of IS and al Qaeda interchangeably
--report that US airstrikes in Syria killed civilians, and that US is using relaxed targeting rules
--drone strikes in Pakistan kill innocent civilians 98% of the time, and use “double tap” tactic denounced as “terrorism” when others do it, reports The Daily Mail