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PBC News & Comment: Innocent Muslims Imprisoned, Then Freed in Britain and US

Former Guantanamo prisoner and activist Moazzem Begg released by Britain after 7 months; American Irfan Khan sues for malicious prosecution….

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–former Gitmo prisoner Moazzem Begg is freed in Britain after collapse of charges related to Syria
–in US, Muslim Irfan Khan sues for malicious prosecution after being cleared, spent 318 days in solitary
–newly released FBI documents show Awlaki was likely an FBI asset
–Pentagon rules out transfer of 13 Bagram prisoners to Guantanamo
–Hong Kong leader relents, will meet with protesters, in-depth interview tomorrow with Cornell’s Eli Friedman
–Netanyahu meets with Obama, usual drill, as more illegal settlements are announced
–Spencer Ackerman writes important story for Guardian, about Obama’s use of IS and al Qaeda interchangeably
report that US airstrikes in Syria killed civilians, and that US is using relaxed targeting rules
–drone strikes in Pakistan kill innocent civilians 98% of the time, and use “double tap” tactic denounced as “terrorism” when others do it, reports The Daily Mail