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PBC News & Comment: American Media Flooded With Ebola Hysteria, IS Exaggerations

Driven by lust for ratings, corporate media amplify the fears of ebola infection and hype the latest IS beheading video….

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–Ebola hysteria floods US media, right wing nuts demand border closures, Rush says slavery guilt drives inaction
–Obama doubles US troops in Africa on ebola front
–IS floods media with new decapitation video, victim is Briton Alan Henning
–War Nerd columnist Gary Brecher exposes exaggeration of IS threat to Bagdhad
–UN reports 5,500 deaths since IS surge in June and 26,000 dead and wounded civilians in Iraq so far in 2014
–polls show Americans dig Obama’s air war in Syria, as Turkey agrees to join the fight
–new Swedish government recognizes Palestinian state, as radical Israelis take over apartments in east Jerusalem
–thugs attack protesters in Hong Kong
–Cornell’s Eli Friedman notes that economic disparity is major driver of Hong Kong protests, in this excerpt from our interview
–NSA expert James Bamford recounts his own difficult history covering the intelligence agency
–federal judge orders release of Gitmo force feeding videos
–federal appeals court lifts stay on Texas law, forcing 13 abortion clinics to shut down immediately
–has Kim Jong Un been sidelined in North Korea?