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PBC News & Comment: Lame-Duck Senate Rejects Watered-Down NSA Reform

Overshadowed by Keystone vote, GOP senators use demagoguery to defeat mild reforms to NSA mass surveillance, phone metadata collection.....

--Senate rejects Keystone bill, demagogues tepid NSA reform bill
--NSA reform bill needed 2 more votes
--Trevor Timm has optimistic reaction
--Timm last week reported on US Marshals using “dirt box” from planes
--Keystone and the true cost of carbon are discussed in our in-depth interview with journalist Mark Schapiro, author of Carbon Shock
--Obama will unveil immigration plans in prime time speech Thursday
--FBI tracking 150 people suspected of traveling to fight for IS
--in California, Anthem Blue Cross misled people like me about “narrow networks”, confirmed in new state report
--Bill Cosby maintains silence in face of mounting rape accusations, as NBC and Netflix kill projects