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PBC News & Comment: CIA Tries to Re-Write Rules on Retaining Emails

CIA plan to destroy emails draws challenge from Sens. Feinstein, Chambliss; attorney confirms secret hearing in Guantanamo force feeding case....

--CIA plans to destroy emails draw bipartisan criticism
—attorney Jon Eisenberg on secret hearing in Dhiab force-feeding case, which forced the release of secret videos of force-feeding and cell extraction
--US and Israeli companies are selling advanced surveillance technology to repressive governments including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
--Amnesty International and other human rights groups release “Detekt”, free software for Windows PCs that can detect spyware
--WhatsApp text messenger service announces encryption plans
--GOP firestorm builds as Obama will reveal immigration plans
--Sen. Elizabeth Warren unloads on Obama appointment of another bankster to key job at Treasury in this post
--judges declare that government sting operations are entrapment, “outrageous government conduct” and overturn convictions
--Julian Assange loses Swedish appeal over sex charges
--UN reports more than 1,000 killed in Ukraine fighting since cease-fire in September
--extension of Iran nuke talks seems likely
--Buffalo is buried in snow