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PBC News & Comment: Former Guantanamo Guard Joseph Hickman Tells More About 3 Prisoner “Suicides” in 2006

Former Guantanamo guard tells Vice’s Jason Leopold that 3 prisoners “were murdered” at nearby CIA black site June 9, 2006...

--the video interview of former Gitmo guard Joseph Hickman is here

--since 2008, FBI has closely managed NSA surveillance, reports NY Times based on FOIA declassified document

--Charlie Hebdo’s new issue features cartoon of tearful Prophet Muhammed

--report of suicide by chief French investigator Helric Fredoun is blacked out from western media

--Sunday’s “peace march” in Paris included leaders from Bahrain and Jordan, who do not permit free expression in their countries

--Netanyahu was dis-invited by Hollande, but insisted on going to Paris after political rivals announced plans to attend

--in excerpt from in-depth interview released today, former Tucson high school teacher Curtis Acosta talks about the legal challenge to Arizona law that blocked Hispanic study programs


--Norman Solomon op-ed on double standards for leakers, like Gen. Petraeus

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren wins a fight with White House as banker Antonio Weiss withdraws nomination for top Treasury post

--CentCom website hacked by “CyberCaliphate”

--California Attorney General Kamala Harris is first to jump for Boxer’s Senate seat

--Supreme Court rejects appeal of ruling that favors fish over farms in California water wars

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