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PBC News & Comment: Former Guantanamo Guard Joseph Hickman Tells More About 3 Prisoner “Suicides” in 2006

Former Guantanamo guard tells Vice’s Jason Leopold that 3 prisoners “were murdered” at nearby CIA black site June 9, 2006…

–the video interview of former Gitmo guard Joseph Hickman is here

–since 2008, FBI has closely managed NSA surveillance, reports NY Times based on FOIA declassified document

–Charlie Hebdo’s new issue features cartoon of tearful Prophet Muhammed

–report of suicide by chief French investigator Helric Fredoun is blacked out from western media

–Sunday’s “peace march” in Paris included leaders from Bahrain and Jordan, who do not permit free expression in their countries

–Netanyahu was dis-invited by Hollande, but insisted on going to Paris after political rivals announced plans to attend

–in excerpt from in-depth interview released today, former Tucson high school teacher Curtis Acosta talks about the legal challenge to Arizona law that blocked Hispanic study programs


–Norman Solomon op-ed on double standards for leakers, like Gen. Petraeus

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren wins a fight with White House as banker Antonio Weiss withdraws nomination for top Treasury post

–CentCom website hacked by “CyberCaliphate”

–California Attorney General Kamala Harris is first to jump for Boxer’s Senate seat

–Supreme Court rejects appeal of ruling that favors fish over farms in California water wars

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