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PBC News & Comment: Hagel Predicts More US Troops in Iraq

As he exits the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel hints that US will be sending more “non-combat” ground troops to Iraq….

–IS killed Japanese journalist, fate of Jordanian pilot still unclear

–Egypt frees one al Jazeera reporter after 14 months, as court sentences 183 members of Muslim Brotherhood to death and Sisi lies like Bibi

–more violence in Ukraine as rebels fight over Donetsk and blame Kiev for mortar attack that killed 7

–US is “taking a fresh look” as arming Kiev’s forces

–new budget requests $38 billion increase for Pentagon, PLUS $51 billion for the misadventure in Iraq and Syria

–budget plans to fund infrastructure repairs with foreign tax deal for corporations

–in Afghanistan, SIGAR reports are classified to cover up the quick decline of the Afghan army

–Israeli provocations continue as more settlements are announced, and more Palestinian homes are destroyed

–FCC will preserve net neutrality by reclassifying as common carrier, we get comment from Annenberg professor Victor Pickard in excerpt from our in-depth interview

–ICE is still backlogged from 2014 kids at the border crisis, other hearings delayed as long as 3-4 years

–new Public Policy poll exposes major weaknesses of Hillary in 2016

–from prison, Barrett Brown offers self-criticism as he slams the government for lying and the judge for errors at sentencing