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PBC News & Comment: Hagel Predicts More US Troops in Iraq

As he exits the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel hints that US will be sending more “non-combat” ground troops to Iraq….

--IS killed Japanese journalist, fate of Jordanian pilot still unclear

--Egypt frees one al Jazeera reporter after 14 months, as court sentences 183 members of Muslim Brotherhood to death and Sisi lies like Bibi

--more violence in Ukraine as rebels fight over Donetsk and blame Kiev for mortar attack that killed 7

--US is “taking a fresh look” as arming Kiev’s forces

--new budget requests $38 billion increase for Pentagon, PLUS $51 billion for the misadventure in Iraq and Syria

--budget plans to fund infrastructure repairs with foreign tax deal for corporations

--in Afghanistan, SIGAR reports are classified to cover up the quick decline of the Afghan army

--Israeli provocations continue as more settlements are announced, and more Palestinian homes are destroyed

--FCC will preserve net neutrality by reclassifying as common carrier, we get comment from Annenberg professor Victor Pickard in excerpt from our in-depth interview

--ICE is still backlogged from 2014 kids at the border crisis, other hearings delayed as long as 3-4 years

--new Public Policy poll exposes major weaknesses of Hillary in 2016

--from prison, Barrett Brown offers self-criticism as he slams the government for lying and the judge for errors at sentencing