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PBC News & Comment; Silver Lining to Netanyahu’s Ugly Win?

Bibi’s desperate pre-election moves give ObamaCo needed leverage to redefine US-Israel relationship, but our AIPAC Congress may gum it up……..--Obama lectured Netanyahu on “droves of Arab voters” comment and Palestine, and Bibi apologizes, waffles

--chief of staff tells “liberal” J Street that occupation of Palestine must end

--Netanyahu aides blame Iran for tensions with Washington

--even funnier, top Israeli ministers deny spying on Iran talks

--367 House members sign letter to Obama that threatens Iran nuke talks

--Obama meets with Afghan leaders, changes exit plan again, consensus reaction is “whatever”

--Supreme Court allows Wisconsin photo voter ID law to stand, and hears arguments on SF case where police shot deranged woman

--Justice Dept. report shows Philadelphia cops shoot people more often than NY cops do

--Sen. Ted Cruz announces for president, Jerry Brown says he is unfit to serve due to climate change denial

--irreverent Calbuzz slams Gov. Moonbeam as “fracking whore”

--Singapore’s founder and strongman Lee Kuan Yew dies

--Danny Schecter, my favorite news dissector, died last week of cancer. We close with his audio collage, Media Wars