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PBC News & Comment; Silver Lining to Netanyahu’s Ugly Win?

Bibi’s desperate pre-election moves give ObamaCo needed leverage to redefine US-Israel relationship, but our AIPAC Congress may gum it up……..–Obama lectured Netanyahu on “droves of Arab voters” comment and Palestine, and Bibi apologizes, waffles

–chief of staff tells “liberal” J Street that occupation of Palestine must end

–Netanyahu aides blame Iran for tensions with Washington

–even funnier, top Israeli ministers deny spying on Iran talks

–367 House members sign letter to Obama that threatens Iran nuke talks

–Obama meets with Afghan leaders, changes exit plan again, consensus reaction is “whatever”

–Supreme Court allows Wisconsin photo voter ID law to stand, and hears arguments on SF case where police shot deranged woman

–Justice Dept. report shows Philadelphia cops shoot people more often than NY cops do

–Sen. Ted Cruz announces for president, Jerry Brown says he is unfit to serve due to climate change denial

–irreverent Calbuzz slams Gov. Moonbeam as “fracking whore”

–Singapore’s founder and strongman Lee Kuan Yew dies

–Danny Schecter, my favorite news dissector, died last week of cancer. We close with his audio collage, Media Wars